Sturgeon Baptist Church
Saturday, February 23, 2019
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History of Sturgeon Baptist Church
Sturgeon Baptist Church was organized on November 29, 1885, with 21 charter members.  This organization came about as a result of missionary activity supported by the Little Bonne Femme Association.  The Rev. J.M. McGuire made the following reports to the association on September 1, 1884.

           "The town of Sturgeon has a population of some 1,000 souls.              Among them are some 30 to 40 who hold Baptist beliefs.  These             are without Church connections.  The town is situated in the             center of trade to a territory including several weak and struggling             churches.  To organize and build here would be to give strength to             all."
Rev. McGuire preached in the community from 1884 to 1885.  He secured $1,350 in cash and subscriptions to purchase a lot under the supervision of M.H. Harris and     P.T. Gentry (the first trustees).  In November 1885, 21 Baptists affixed their names to the Articles of Faith and the Church Covenant, as we now know it.
On December 17, 1885, the church called its first pastor, the Rev. T.W. Barrett. The first church building owned by the Sturgeon Baptist was on the location of the former home of Mrs. Cordia Leaver.  During a revival in March 1891, fifty-three persons were baptized into the church.  Twenty-three were received by letter, making a total of 76 additions for the one meeting. The Sturgeon Baptist Church was growing!
On April 22, 1899, during the pastorate of the Rev. Dillard, the church voted to build a house of brick on a new site (Patton and McDowell).  It was dedicated on October 7, 1900.  The church on that day raised $1,479 to pay off all the existing debt.
After 97 years, the new sanctuary was built and dedicated on October 12, 1997.   Because of deterioration of the old brick sanctuary, the expense of remodeling, and limited size, the church voted to make room for a new addition.  The project of removing the old structure and building the new commenced in November 2002 and was completed in the spring of 2004.  The new addition includes a nursery, restrooms upstairs, a foyer, stairway, classroom, and janitor closet.  A 25 foot steeple was placed atop the current sanctuary and a new marquee was erected using bricks
from the old sanctuary as a foundation.